Looking for a New Independent Broker Dealer?

Broker Dealer Select was designed to link Independent Broker Dealers with advisors and registered financial professionals.

Broker Dealer Select has a unique perspective to offer you when you are looking for a new independent broker dealer. We know what you are looking for because Broker Dealer Select was designed with the help of career advisors who have successfully changed broker dealers to maximize their career, and income. At the same time we know what independent broker dealers are looking for as Broker Dealer Select sought the help of managers who have had years of experience hiring registered financial professionals for their firm.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Is there a better broker dealer, that’s right now for me?
  • Am I worth more in the marketplace than I’m now getting paid?
  • Could I find a broker dealer closer to my home?
  • Would I get a higher pay out if I opened my own office?
  • How difficult would it be to “go out on my own”?
  • Is there an independent broker dealer with better backoffice support?
  • Is there a broker dealer with better technology?
  • Is there a broker dealer in which I don’t just become a number to them, but helps me build my business?

Why do I have to register to use the web site?
Since Broker Dealer Select is for registered financial professionals, and is not open to the public, you will be asked to register before you can access the information on the web site. The information you provide will be used for internal use only to verify that you are a registered representative (broker) as outlined in our “Terms of Use”. Once verified you will become known only by a unique ID number that we will assign you to completely protect your confidentiality.

Confidentiality Concerns
Broker Dealer Select has been designed with the understanding of your concerns about complete confidentiality.
First you are always referenced by a unique number and first name only. All other contact and identifying information is kept confidential.
Second the only thing the Broker Dealer sees on the system is your unique identifier, firstname, state you live in, a range of your production and if you want a resume.

Other features Only Found At Broker Dealer Select

  • A Confidential Contact Phone Number is available for your use. You can contact the head recruiter of the broker dealer without having to reveal any of your information or phone number to them.
  • Direct Contact With Head Recruiters is at your Service. You can expect to talk to the top recruiters and sometimes even the owners of the broker dealers to find out about their operation and the payouts available.
  • Pre-Selected Broker Dealers we know your time is precious. We will pre-select the broker dealers that have the back office that you require and the payout you want. All you have to do is pick and choose the best deal for you.

How much will it cost me to register?
We incur significant costs finding and introducing you to the broker dealers that meet the criteria that you give us for the broker dealers that you would be interested in moving to (“Candidate Contracting Criteria”), for this reason Broker Dealer Select charges a Usage Fee and is not considered, in a tradional sense, a free service.

However, when you contract with a registered broker dealer through Broker Dealer Select they will automatically pay the Usage Fee due Broker Dealer Select, and you will owe us nothing. In addition, you will pay no Usage Fee if you choose to contract with a broker dealer not registered with Broker Dealer Select and listed on your Broker Dealer – Recruiting Firm Notification Form when you follow the Search Steps that we have outlined for you. These proven Search Steps have been designed to enable you to find and move to the broker dealer that meets the Candidate Contracting Criteria that you gave us in a minimum amount of time.

In Summary

To quote Ben Franklin: “TIME IS MONEY”. How are you spending your time making money? REGISTER TODAY with Broker Dealer Select and spend that time wisely by searching for a better broker dealer and greater income for you and your family.