Why Financial Advisors Should
Use A Financial Advisor Recruiting Firm

As a successful Financial Advisor, you have a numerous career options and opportunities available to you.  Working with a financial advisor recruiting firm can save you time and money by pre-screening broker dealers that are a good match to your needs and your advisory business.

Good financial advisor recruiters will have an extensive database of broker dealers that may be the right fit for financial planning firms and wealth management firms. The recruiters will know how to help qualified candidates in the financial planning profession. They will find the financial planner the perfect match between what they need in in a new broker dealer and what they are looking for to help them grow in the financial planning profession.

The best way to have your wants and needs met at a new broker dealer or advisory firm is through the help of an experienced recruiter.

Financial Services Recruiters Provide Valuable Insights

Financial services recruiters are trained professionals who know which firms would be a good fit for each individual financial advisor.

When working with an experienced financial services recruiter, you can drastically save time and money. After fielding a few very simple questions about what type of products and services you need and some general information about your background experience, the recruiter will handpick firms that are a good fit based on this information.

The recruiter will know which firms match what you’re looking for and who you may want to speak with during the selection and interview process. These recruiters are trained professionals who have previously had experience placing the best candidates with these firms, making them particularly well-equipped to give recommendations about the best job opportunities and companies that would be a fit for what your looking for.

Save Time and Get Guidance

Rather than putting in hours of work looking through company listings on the internet, stop searching because that is not working, or calling a firms that aren’t interested in financial advisors like yourself – you need to get guidance from a financial services recruiting company.

Financial advisor recruiters will get to know what the investment advisor wants and what the broker dealers or advisory firms have.

A strategic recruitment partner will have a network of firms looking to find qualified candidates which are matched with their needs and qualifications. The recruiter gives you guidance and saves you time. Now, it’s only up to the financial advisor to confirm the match and start talking with the broker dealers.

Why Use Broker Dealer Select

We’ve been working in the financial services industry for years, helping financial advisors find opportunities with firms that are right for them. With extensive experience and contacts throughout the industry, we know where to look first when it comes time to finding a new independent broker dealer.

Eight tips for financial advisors when finding a financial advisor recruiting firm

When you are dealing with recruiting firms, it is a good idea to search for firms that have been in operation the longest and specialize in your specific career field.

  • The more comprehensive a profile they build on a firm (e.g. products, features, services, and payouts) and the difference between each firm should indicate the ability to put together a comprehensive profile of your wants and needs in a new firm.
  • A sound recruiter should listen carefully and understand what you’re looking for in your next move before presenting any options.
  • Ask them how they will go about finding the right company for you.
  • One of the questions to ask when working a recruitment firm is who pays their fee.
  • Ask the recruiter how many firms are registered with them
  • Ask them how long they need to find the firms that meet your Search Criteria.
  • Ask them how many firms they think might be a good fit for you

Etiquette for financial advisors during the recruiting and hiring process

Too many firms cause complications for the recruiter, just like there would be for anyone else.  Just like you, they want to get paid when they do an excellent job for you.

In addition, other recuiters may have the same broker dealer or advisory firm that they may refer you to, and there may be confusion over which recruiting firm gets paid when you get placed.

You don’t want to cause problems within your relationship with your recruiting firm.

  • You should not send out any more resumes or letters to firms

If you want to speak with a specific firm, you should let the recruiting firm make contact for you.

  • If a company calls you after you start working with a recruiting firm, even if you had brief contact with the company before
    • You should explain to the company that they should contact the recruiting firm you are working with and be prepared to give them the firm’s name, contact person, and phone number of your recruiting firm.
    • You should contact your recruiting firm and tell them the company that contacted you, the person you spoke with, and that person’s phone number. In addition, you should explain any contact you had with that company previously.

The bottom line is that Financial Advisors are always in recruitment mode. They’re often struggling to find firms who meet the standards they expect from an employer/client relationship. Recruiters help maintain a positive knowledge of opportunities on behalf of their clients.

A good recruiting firm can provide the background and expertise you need to make your search for that perfect broker dealer more successful. The recruiter has already done all of the legwork, so choosing a firm is easier on both you and the client. it’s only up to the client to confirm the match and do the paperwork.

Working with an established Financial Services Recruiting Firm is the best way to find a new broker-dealer or Advisory Firm that suits your financial needs. The recruiters of these recruiting firms are trained professionals who know which firms are a good fit for different candidates like you, and they already have extensive databases of firms that may be right for you.