Get Placed with an Independent Broker Dealer That is Going to Help You & Your Practice Grow and Succeed!

We Know the Payouts, Products & Services the Top Broker Dealers in the Industry Have to Offer

No Cost to Advisors | 100% Confidential

Get Placed with an Independent Broker Dealer That is Going to Help You & Your Practice Grow and Succeed!

We Know the Payouts, Products & Services the Top Broker Dealers in the Industry Have to Offer

No Cost to Advisors | 100% Confidential | Fast

Over 48 Years of Experience Working with Broker Dealers & Financial Advisor Placement

Maximize Your Payout

You will have multiple broker dealers to choose from, to get the best offer.

Utilize Our Years of Proprietary Data

Search & Negotiate based on:

  • Payout
  • Products / Services / Clearing Firm
  • Technology / Back Office
  • Operate as a Associate or Independent RIA

Speak with Head Recruiters

You will be speaking with the head recruiter of each broker dealer.

Negotiate Faster

You’ll have a search consultant personally working with you, to find a Broker Dealer that best matches your search criteria.

No Cost to Advisors

 The Broker Dealers we work with pay all our fees.

100% Confidential

Your contact information is not shared with any broker dealer until you’ve spoken with them and tell them.

We protect your identity by identifying you only by your first name and state.

Our 3 Step Process for Moving to an Independent Broker Dealer

Our process takes you from consultation call to registering with a new Broker Dealer in under 45 days or less

Step 1

First, Schedule a Consultation Call and fill out your basic contact info.

Step 2

  • We’ll find out which payouts, products & services you are looking for in a new broker dealer.
  • Next, you’ll setup an account on our system.

Step 3

We’ll then select the Broker Dealers that match your search criteria.

The Broker Dealers will then schedule a time to speak with you, on our confidential system, to further find out what you are looking for.

We’ve Streamlined the Search Process Saving You Time

We handle all the work of finding suitable broker dealers that match your search criteria that you can choose from.

Additionally, you will have a personal search consultant working on your behalf, utilizing years of experience, proprietary data and research to help you with this process.  This will help you make the selection and decision on a new broker dealer easier and faster.

Finally, the recruiting process has been streamlined with the help of broker dealer recruiters, who have years of experience hiring financial advisors for their firm.

Why Advisors Choose & Use Broker Dealer Select

National Recruting Staff

Our Search Consultants have spoken with thousands of broker dealers and have recorded their products, features, services and payouts in our Proprietary National Database for them to use on your behalf.

Negotiate Faster

We’ve talked to hundreds of Broker Dealers!

Our Search Consultants will have you speaking directly with the Broker Dealers who best match your search criteria.

Move to a BD in 45 Days or Less

Time is Money

Because we already know what the broker dealers require before they make an offer; we can have you registered with a new broker dealer in 45 days or less.


Once you are registered with Broker Dealer Select you become a part of our unique system.  We protect your identity by giving you a unique broker number and identifying you only by your first name.  All other contact and personal information is kept confidential.

Finding a Broker Dealer Doesn’t Need to be a DIY Project!

Why spend weeks or months trying to find a specific broker dealer who matches your desired work criteria? We’ve already done the work for you!

We Did All the Legwork For You

We’ve done the legwork, compiled the names and are ready to immediately put you into our system and get you talking to the right BD!

Our Search Consultants are the last piece of the puzzle you need to finding a New Broker Dealer

What our clients have to say …


I highly recommend Broker Dealer Select. Their close attention and diligence placed me at the firm I wanted to join within 4 weeks. Broker Dealer Select’s web based system for setting up phone appointments with pre-screened broker dealers was very effective for me.

Robin T.

Investment Adviser

“I have been matched up with a number of great BDs and I’m close to making a decision …. I started this process about 10 days ago, and I’m going to be matched up by day 14.

Gary S.

Financial Advisor

“After taking a nearly 2 year leave from my practice I decided to reestablish my Financial Planning business. Thinking I had 6 months to interview, research and analyze Broker/Dealers across the country I quickly realized I didn’t have 6 months but only 30 days …

I stumbled on Broker Dealer Select when doing a search for a B/D and sent an email. I received a call right away, supplied a couple of forms and within 3 days started having a list of B/Ds in my inbox. Their immediate response to any questions and flexibility to adjust my search was priceless.

After eliminating a few B/Ds. I was happy with 2-3 other solid offers I received and made my selection.  It is so much easier to have B/Ds that meet my criteria sent right to my email box.

Kevin B.

Financial Advisor

Focus on Growing Your Advisory Business

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New Independent Broker Dealer That Matches Your Search Criteria

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